Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Where did my baby girl go?

Ok Cameran has now gained 10 pounds in 5.5 weeks and she does not even look the same. So it leaves me asking, Where did my baby girl go? She weighed in at a whopping 32.5 pounds on Monday and is 20 months old! I just can't get over how big she is now! Its quite funny looking at her as she has the belly of a pregnant woman and the walk to go with it, belly button sticking out shes just so round! I guess thats where the nickname Pooh Bear came from since his looks the same and her shirts do the same want stay over it always above it! Its just too cute but she looks just miserable!
On another note her BP was fantastic this week 86/42 a definite improvement! She is also now off the Vigabtrin can we say WHHHHHHOOOOOOOO! Finally one less med. This week we will start the ACTH wean fianlly. I will be so happy to see that med go! I hate hearing the horrible moans and moods she has been going through while on this. Not something I would ever do again! We will just be glad to have our baby girl back again. Here's another before and after picture:

Left taken yesterday, Right taken 2 weeks before ACTH! Hard to believe she has gotten so big!


JSmith5780 said...

Poor little girl...she looks uncomfortable! Glad to hear the Vig is gone and you are weaning the ACTH. Have you discussed what's next?

Hope the wen goes ok.

Jen mom to Austin

jotcr2 said...

My Sheena is going through the same thing. It is horrible watching her bloat up. Sheena actually has gone completely off her solids since she started Prednisolone, so it certainly isn't the calories. She'll be weaned from it in 2 weeks time. I CAN'T WAIT!