Monday, October 02, 2006

More weight gain???

Cameran is currently 5 ounces shy of being 30 pounds. She weighed in at a whopping 29.11 pounds today. I could not believe my eyes as last week she was still weighing 28.1 thats almost 2 pounds in one week. All in all she has gained 7 pounds in 4.5 weeks and she is showing every bit of it.

She is our "Mini Sumo"
I have a new face I can make again:
My Kissy Fish Face! She use to do this back a few months ago but of course with Infantile Spasms things come and go and come and go again. Its like seeing it all for the 1st time again.....We love it all, old or new, shes just the sweetest!
Cameran has really been tired alot here lately, probably due to the Topamax increase now on 200mg a day. We will be so glad to finally get rid of a few meds, easier said than done right. Less meds means more seizures for her. Maybe we can find one that can hold them down so we can get her off a few! My new hiding spot:

Every time I open the dryer to put clothes in, Cameran always beats me to it! Climbing and holding her balance once in, thats great practice for PT. Which she has been doing very well in those classes. She's really been working those muscles! Ok now here is the last picture. This one does not even look like Cameran she looks huge here!

What a Chunky Monkey! Her BP was up this week 125/40 something. They couldn't get an accurate reading on the bottom after 4 tries. We are awaiting her Neuros responses.

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