Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New Rash & Sore Nose

Cameran really has had a rough couple of days! Starting with a breakthrough in her seizure free 2 weeks! It was so depressing to see her have one of these again. But thankfully that was the only one we have seen! We took her to the Dr. yesterday to what seemed to be a broke nose After x-rays it turned out just being a pretty good bump but no Brakes. shewwww......We still have no idea what she hit. But they are looking into getting her a helmet!
This morning Cameran has woke up with some pretty nasty looking red marks and welps between her legs. We have a call into the Dr.'s to see what to do! She is very irritable right now so we are hoping for a quick response. Thank you IS group for all your help with this! Ok the Dr. called and said it is possible to get a rash from Topamax but it doesn't look like the typical one, says it looks different than this, but don't rule it out. We are to inform him of any changes! He mentioned that you can have a rash reaction to any medicine. Thankfully by the end of the day it went away and hasn't returned. It will probably be like her poor little nose and never know what caused it.

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