Saturday, January 14, 2006

3 Weeks Seizure Free!

Ok minus the 1 head drop we saw on Monday thats all we have seen. It has now been 3 wonderful weeks of being seizure free! She started her Speech and Development this week and is on the road of recovery from the damage of IS! They are teaching her sign language, helping her to explore toys, learn how to self feed and the big one To Reconize Voices (Any Voices) She responds to toys only! She is on the roll with walking and is babbling up a storm. Her newest two things are standing upside down looking in between her legs almost like she is trying to do a flip and is also squeeling up a storm, Its loud but cute! A few days ago she held her arms up to me and said "mama" and I melted, for one she doesn't hold her amrs to be held and two I think she reconized me. But I couldn't get her to do either again so who knows. I was just thrilled to see it. Reminder she goes next Friday the 20th for her EEG. Regarding the Topamax it has been upped again and she is showing it with not wanting to take her bottle. Yesterday we were only able to get her to take about 10 ounces today she has only taken about 4 ounces and its almost 3:00. But she has a really bad runny nose so we think that is playing a role in this also! But her mood has been great! The medicines have been seperated from her meal time now and she is doing much better. She takes her medicine willingly and is taking her jar foods again. But refuses table foods still and even refuses her favorite: cheerios and fruit bites. We hope this will all change soon with the help of OT! Will keep you posted on how her EEG goes which is at 8:30 am(has to be sleep deprived yea right at 8:30 in the morning that ought to make for an interesting day) it is to be followed by her Neuro appt at 4:00 so we will be in Nashville for most of the day so I will be sure to post that night if possible!


JSmith5780 said...

Karen- so glad Cameran is still doing well. A suggestion for sign aunt watched my twins, almost 2. She bought videos called Signing Time ( The boys LOVE them and both have picked up quite a bit of sign from mommy just needs to get up to speed! Good luck with Cameran's EEG.

Jen mom to Austin, Ben & Connor

Kelsey Celeste said...

Karen- Cameran is a beautiful, precious little girl!! I love looking at all your new pics!!! God has really blessed you and now that she has been siezure free for 2 weeks you know that God hears all our prayers and gave you the best Christmas present ever! We love you guys and miss you bunches!
All Our Love, Tasha and Kelsey
from Louisiana