Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Year 2010

Gosh the time the time the time, where is it going? This year is already moving too quickly, seems there just isnt enough hours in the day to get everything done.
So where do I begin??? I'll go backwards in age here.

So starting with baby girl Jayden my little angel she is, such a sweet pea, she has the most layed back attitude and is always so happy. Hard to believe but she will be 5 months old on February 1st. She is rolling across the floor like no ones business. She has started jar fruits and cereals and is working on sitting up and working so hard at trying to get up on her knees. Gosh she'll be crawling before long then I'll really be in trouble.

(shes wearing a hat I made)

On to Miss Cami and really what can I not say about this girl. She is so busy always on the move and has made such huge progress this past year. I tell ya just hearing her speak just melts your heart. She has the cutest way to her words. She can pretty much say anything now. She is a Pete and Repeat type of gal...and oh yeah you bet your butt it drives her brother crazy...LOL! Hard to believe we were wanting so badly for her to talk just this past summer where she could barely say 5 words and now full blown sentences and now we are having to tell her to stop running her mouth so much...LOL! She just goes on and on and on sometimes I just think she loves to hear herself. Shes a clever little thing, I love to sit back and just watch her as she trys to figure things out doesnt take her long. Specially if shes watching someone do the same she catches on very quick. We have to warn her brother all the time that he has someone watching his every move now so if he doesnt like it when she snatches something from him and says MINE that she only learned it from the best..teehee!

She had her IEP yesterday and this being her last one at this school because you may not believe it but my girl will be 5 years old on February 7th and will be starting Kindergarten this summer.....go ahead let your jaw fall because mine does everytime I think about it. Anyhow this meeting I tell ya was just an inspiration all around the table. Storys of where she was just 2 years ago when she first started. Let me refresh your memory. this is from her OT- I recall seeing this girl for the first time, one who couldnt sit still longer than 1 minute in a chair so she had to be strapped in a high chair to keep her still and focused. She hated wearing her left shoe always pulled it off, ate crayons and everything in site, couldnt pinser grasp she raked at everything and she had huge sensory issues...HUGE! And cried and screamed alot. Now she follows directions, and can pick up tiny pegs like the size of thumb tacks and put them in the holes, sits in her chair properly and talks to you. From her PT- Wow I tell ya this girl just surprises me everyday with her words and what she can do and can now follow directions. If I draw a line she can put stickers on that line and she loves to participate with her friends in class. PT- is now just on a consult just to check in to see how she is doing to make sure she isnt getting off balance, this from a girl who couldnt walk a few feet without tripping and falling down and loss of balance. Now she can run and jump both she couldnt do at 3 years of age. I got to watch a video that they had recorded earlier that day of her doing a puzzle. Blew my mind at how well she did. It was 4 different puzzle boards all in the shape of teddybears each a different color one was red, one blue, one green and one yellow. Then she had a box of teddy bears beside her, she was asked to match the bears up to their right colors. She one by one pulled a red one and would place it on the matching red puzzle, then pull out a green one and placed it on the green one. These pieces where just all mixed up and my girl did it fastly with no problem. But funny thing is she called them all pink...LOL! Her teacher thinks she is doing great. Her comprehension is still very low but say it just depends on the sitatuion on how well she does. They are still working on her name she still can only scribble so they are mainly trying to get her to reconize her name on a piece of paper. Her main goal is the potty training that sometimes seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. No success yet if you catch her in the middle of doing something and try to run her to the potty she draws it up and then wont go for days...uggghhhh! Its a control thing I think as do they. I know she will eventually get it but its still so frustrating, specially after I see her basically change her own diaper, thats BAD! But that will not hold her back out of Kindergarten. Well it will but it wont! She will have to be in a Special Needs classroom they call it a CDC room, but when she starts they will mainstream her little at a time it just depends on the child of how much time they get with the regular classroom. But when she does go in the regular classroom she will have to have a special teacher with her the whole time. They said in order for her to go into the regular class she will have to be mostly potty trained and right now shes not mostly doing any of that...LOL! But man I tell ya how far she has come and she can only get better from here so I know just like everything else she will figure it out, it will just have to be when she is ready!

(scarf I made Caleb)
On to Caleb, I tell ya this is just the greatest helper around town! He adores his sisters, I love to hear him and Cami giggle as they play hide and seek in the house, he thinks its hilarious to jump out and scare her and watch her runaway super fast screaming but laughing at the same time. And hes so opposite with Jayden so gentle and soft talking to her. So hes got them both figured out, Cami is always high speed and loud and Jayden so laid back and quiet! He is 8.5 years old now and is in 3rd grade but by some of the homework he brings home it feels like hes in middle school. He brought home algebra and division this week! Good Lord dont come to your mama with that stuff son because Im horrible at it. Projects projects projects out the ears and since when did they think that the kids can do this stuff by themselves. I swear its like school all over for me again. Last night it was pushing small and heavy objects to see how far they would go how many pushes it took to get it there and questions on why you think the heavier stuff was harder to push. Easy stuff sure but what the heck were they expecting him to push that he would have to use his legs for...LOL! Last weeks was making a homemade instrument. He made a guitar out of a shoebox, cut a whole in the middle of the lid put rubberbands over it then he cleverly got a block and put it up under the rubberbands and stood it up so you could hear it strum better to play a prettier tune. Then got a wrapping paper roll for the neck of the guitar. No problem But I think Im gonna have to go buy some new shoes for all these boxes he keeps having to use to make these projects cause thats his 2nd box hes had to use this year. But thats ok Caleb mama can always use a new pair of shoes ;)
They all had an amazing Christmas got everything they could have dreamed of. Santa also brought them a Wii with video rocker chairs and animal neck pillows. After school thats where you will find them. Such fun I tell ya, who would have thought that a video game could bring a family all together. We have nights of bowling, tennis, sword fighting, ping pong, basketball competitions, mini golf and canoeing theres much more but thats all right here in our living room. And talk about some sore arms the day after so great exercise as well. Cami gets into it as well, she does great imitating.

~These next 2 pics are from Charlie Brown on Ice! Man was it ever cold in there 9 degrees. They give everyone these lovely figure friendly blur parkas to wear....LOL! The hubby had Jayden strapped to him in a carrier it looked so funny!

I however have gotten into crocheting and have been on the mother load of crafting. I just cant get enough of it. Ive made hats, scarfs and baby blankets. I've also started hairbow making, so Ive been keeping myself super busy. My neighbor is a great teacher shes also taught me knitting and I'm in the process of learning to sew. Love it all!
One last note we have Cami's pediacraft bed still for sale. We lowered the price to $1500.00 we've got to get this thing out of here. We lose out in the end but we are wanting to start on our upstairs next month and we have no where else to store this thing. So it is a must sell!!!!!! SO please pass the word along if you know of anyone who might be interested. You can contact me through e-mail and also you can click on the picture of it on the side bar to read more about it.

I'll end this out in Camis cutest words....
Gaga-Caleb(her brother)
Jaddie-(her sister)
Campey-Courtney(his cousin)
was u hans(wash your hands)

Oh and a lil funny story. We had a bad storm roll through last week and it hailed. Of course the thunder and lightening terrified her she kept saying Cami skerd Cami skerd. But she calls the hail "balls" and just about everytime we go out she'll say Cami skerd of balls and looks up. Bless her heart, shes scared to death of the snow too! Its interesting stuff I tell ya any others that our scared of stuff like that. It took us forever to pull her out of the corner after the storm. Shes terrified of animals too specially dogs she runs and screams and hides, its just horrible and I dont know how to get her over it!

Anyhow Happy New Years Readers ;)


JSmith5780 said...


What good news all around. I am so thrilled to hear how well Cami is doing. I can't believe she's going to be 5... of course that means my boys are going to be 6!! Where does the time go!

Two thoughts for the bed. Post on the IS group and ask if you can post something at the local hospital. You never know!

JSmith5780 said...

AACK! I missed Cami's birthday, and I have NO excuse. Hope she is loving being 5!

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