Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloweeney!

Well it was another hit of a camping trip although I have to say our coldest one yet for October. I about froze my tootsies off so it was lots of sitting around the campfire for me! Kids had a blast couldnt keep up with them, actually barely saw them most of the time. Weird being able to say that with Cami now although you do have to do random checks but pretty much she stays up with the crowd of our kiddos.

We had a double whammy of a birthday party, dress up with some trick or treating and some pumpkin carving. We didnt do as many pumpkins this year it was just too stinking cold that evening. But all in all it was a great trip to end out our year of camping.

Also got the EEG results back and there was no seizure activity seen. Great news there but I already knew that, it was just checked since she had a few pop up when sick but mainly it was to see how it read now that she is off all meds. It still showed the slowing brain waves. May just take some time or it may be PDD related, or genetics can only guess! But she continues to do well so no meds needed. She returns for her 6 month check up with her neurologist in December. He thinks she is doing great. Said she may just deal with seizures when very ill like we saw but said we can do meds during that time to prevent oncoming seizures.

So that about sums it up this week. We've had to do a school project with Caleb or I should say "FOR" Caleb.....gosh do they honestly think they do these things on there own parents usually end up doing the most part of it. Its like school all over again! He had to do a Ocean Habitat Diorama in a shoe box, it turned out really cute thanks to my cricut machine. If you dont have one its a must makes projects so easy.

Cami's been out of school for a few days again with a nasty runny nose so I kept her home to keep her from getting more to it! But she should go back tomorrow. Shes so fun to be around right now as shes learning new words and I tell ya she watches you like a hawk specially her brother. Could this lead to more trouble??? She now has grown very impatient when it comes to eating and sits at the table and says I want Shick-un(chicken)(She really drags this word out) I want Shick-un I want Shick-un I want Shick-un till we set it down in front of her...its hilarious and annoying all in the same...but you cant help but laugh. Mainly because the way she says it. Her other one is a Dot Dog for hot dog trying hearing her say that fast 3-4 times in a row....she is a nut and is becoming the typical toddler! I love the changes.

Jayden holding a toy for the 1st time. 10-24-09

And little Miss Jayden is doing fabulous she will be 2 months old on Sunday!!!!! She smiles up a storm, loves to stare into your eyes and is cooing and is starting to find a little bit of a squeal. Sweet stuff angels!

Hope everyone has a Happy and safe Halloween!

Mommys Sweet Little ghost on her 1st Halloween!

Little Miss Riding Hood: Cami

Pumpkin Carvings:
Mine was the cat in the window it was so much easier than the sea horse I did last year!


JSmith5780 said...

YIPPEE on the EEG. My kids are justing get over the flu, mostly likely the swine though they didn't test them. Austin got to 105.4 the other night and I nearly freaked out. Thankfully I got it down quickly!

Love all the pics!

Mommy2KC said...

I know you were so happy to hear "official" results from the EEG!! GREAT NEWS!!!!

Jennybell said...

It made my eyes water when I read Cami's EEG still showed slowing, because our 3 year old's Aug EEG showed slowing, she's nonverbal and still having daily seizures, but seeing Cami's progress gives me hope that she may progress. She's normal in every other way!
And the part about doing your son's homework project! I know how that is! We try to dumb it down so it looks like we didn't do it all, but some of it is just rediculous!My son is in 5th grade and hopefully done with diaramas!

US said...