Monday, July 20, 2009


Thats my question this evening? Will we be fortunate enough to receive a fulls night sleep before the new baby comes. My answer probably not! Cameran has been having this problem since the seizures started at 6 months of age. Last year we seemed to hit a good spell where she would sleep through the nights but that has since dissappeared! Last year we tried Ambien and it backfired causing the oppostie effect. Well last week they prescribed Lunesta so last night was the first try and lets just say that med will be thrown out! It too caused the opposite. She normally will fall asleep pretty quick 5-10 minutes and she is out around 10ish. Once asleep she will sleep soundly till 3a.m. then comes to our bed where she will toss and turn and cry out for hours not able to get comfortable. Then maybe around 6ish she will find that comfort zone and be out sound again till about 8:00 where she then starts flopping around again. Now last night we tried out the Lunesta before we gave it to her she was very tired and ready for bed. We give it to her and she becomes a bouncy ball almost immediately. Talking up a storm and raring to go. We tried to lay in her bed like our norm and she was not having it she just cried and cried looking around her room she seemed very aggetated. So I gave up and brought her to our bed, where this behavior continued. She stopped fussing then became a giggle box leaning over me and saying hi momma then over to her daddys side Hi daddy giggle giggle. Her motor mouth was running non stop unable to sit still. My hubby gave up on her after 30 minutes of it once he was out she was kept this up for maybe another 30-45 min. Then she was out. But once asleep the weirdness continued she flopped way more than her norm and was laughing but was asleep then she would sit up and lean over in your face say hi momma or dada and giggle then she was back resting again. It was the craziest thing ever. This went on all night long never a break she kicked and giggled. Jason said he got kicked in the eye and laughed at. I tried to keep my back to her so I wouldnt get kicked in the tummy.
So why I ask does she react this way to these meds. I mean even the Melatonin what your body already produces gives her problems. Such strange stuff if you ask me! At any point we are done with the meds and hope and pray that one day she will just start sleeping....Im praying its very soon. Ive got a little over 7 weeks before the baby comes.
Oh speaking of I ended up in Labor and Delievery last Thursday with contractions that just wouldnt stop. The baby was happy as a lark in there moving around tons. Actually dont know what hurt worse it moving or the contractions....LOL! I was there for 3 hours before they finally started to slow down. Turned out I was dehydrated even with all the water I already drink. But with much more added things have been perfect again. No more contractions. I went home that same night around midnight no dialtion and the preterm labor test came back negative so now we just sit and wait! Seeing those sweet little babys up there made it seem so real! I just cant wait to meet this new lil sweet pea ;)

Kids start back to school on Wednesday and I think Im more ready than they are....LOL! Its been a looooong summer break and they are so on each others nerves. Caleb will be in 3rd grade we find out who his teacher is tomorrow evening. And Cami has a wonderful new Pre-K teacher this year. Hope I didnt scare her too much with what to expect from our girl! I cant wait to see what this year holds for them both...Endless possibilities ;)


Jennybell said...

I really feel for ya! My daughter is on the ketogenic diet and before we upped her calories in June I was up every night at 2-3 a.m. and she was just raring to go! It makes the rest of the day so hard to get through!
I have a friend who's son always reacts in the opposite to drugs If it should make him tired it makes him wired! I wonder if something that makes them hyper would work in the opposite?

JSmith5780 said...

I wonder if something that makes them hyper would work in the opposite?
I was wondering the same thing. Have you asked the drs this?

Take care of yourself. Baby needs a little more time. Wouldn't be funny if you had the new lil one on Sept 2nd? The twins and Cami already share a day, how about if Austin and your new one share a day?

Dawson said...

What is up with these kiddos and their sleep. It seems every I.S kid Ive ever met ( including my own) has sleep issues. Hope sombody out there makes that connection and figures it out one day.

Can't believe how big ( and beautiful) she is getting

Anonymous said...

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