Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Busy Bee

Cameran is on a roll this week! Making Monday a good start for the rest of the week!
She had Physical Therapy on Monday and I think it was her best class yet! 1st off she had on her inserts and new shoes and was ready to go. She did great in all her strength training, balancing on balls, climbing up and down stairs with assistance of course but at least she wasn't doing noodle legs! Funny thing is that she can go down our back door steps all alone, why want she do this at PT????
Then it came to our ball time, rolling, catching and throwing it! Well let me just say she did it ALL!!!! Hooray baby girl! She has been slowly doing the rolling and throwing(well for her its a fling and it lands where it lands) but as far as the catching by her self she had NEVER done! We where both in shock when she was doing it that's a huge milestone for Cami and takes great coordination to do!

Come Tuesday Speech I was thinking this ought to be interesting with the PICS(pronounced pecks) since she hates it when I get them out. Well she did not mind them one bit and was actually picking them up, she isn't real consistent but her eye contact has GREATLY improved.

And today Wednesday for Speech and TIPS she surprised us with a new word! She said Hi Dada, I about fell over in my chair! Mind you this is all on her terms she NEVER does it when you want her to and she does not Mimic on hand, although she will sometimes. Lots of babbling going on Dadadblaaaammmmmm with raspberries mixed in with it, reminds me of the Tasmania devil.

She is still very much clingy and cries and screams if I walk past her unnoticed she demands for my attention! She is currently getting some new molars in so she is chewing on everything in sight!
Cameran will start back with OT next week cant wait to get that all started again. OT's are running short in this town right now. Actually the woman she will be seeing is just an Occupation Therapist "Assistant" until we can get squeezed in somewhere! Well that the latest for this week! Happy August and Happy Schooling to all the late starters! Caleb is going on his 3rd week and is doing much better be sure to check out the other blogger!

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JSmith5780 said...

Absolutely AWESOME! Go Cami!!