Monday, September 18, 2006

Photos of our Big Pooh Bear!!!!

Here's some pics of our "Big Pooh Bear"! Before and During ACTH treatments!

Cameran 1 month before ACTH 18 months old! Weighing in at 22 pounds and a few ounces.

3 days into ACTH

1.5 Weeks into ACTH and gettin chubby! Now weighs 25 pounds
I love my food! Cameran is so serious about meal time. She crams everything in her mouth like she hasn't eaten all day.Her arms have always been so skinny and has never had much strength in them. Well that is no longer the story, she is finally getting some meat on those bones which we love and she now has a tremendous amount of strength!

Gotta love that sweet angelic face of hers!

2 weeks into ACTH and weighing in at 27.5 pounds and is very happy and babbling lots. And heres the picture from today:

Cameran 2.5 weeks into ACTH and weighing 28.1 pounds BP 100/48 The seizures have gotten worse for some reason. They climbed up to 28 yesterday and today about 18 we were so hoping this was the med but its not looking like it. We are fixing to continue the weaning of her Vigabtrin and see what happens and possibly knock the Topamax up one more notch. (In the picture below Cameran was looking for food in her chair the girl just can't get enough!)We pray that something works very soon! Poor baby girl has been such a trooper through all the pokes she gets everyday and weekly glucose. Mommy sure wishes she could take her place. We are so proud of you Pooh Bear you are so brave. We love you! Ok now I will put 2 picks side by side 1 from before and todays picture!

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Tara said...

Wow, Cameran does look chubby now. Still quite the cutie :-)Aidan hasn't started ACTH, but we've noticed that he's getting alot more round just on the Prednisone. Aidan was always considered small for his age too - he was only 19lbs 8oz at 18 months and he gained about 5lbs while being on the Keto diet for 9 months. Another 2lbs while being on Prednisone for the last 4 weeks. Hopefully the seizures will taper off soon and the ACTH will work.