Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Some New Things...

Well its official we are finally rid of 1 of her meds the Zonegran. She seems to be doing fine no real changes, seizures are still the same 8-15 range! We are to soon go up on her Vigabtrin. On another note I took her to the Pediatrician on Friday for a knot in her left breast which turned out to be Gynecomastia. Meaning she is developing breast tissue already. Its not a side effect to any of her meds that he knew of and her Neuro said the same. They are looking into it so we will hopefully no more this week.They aren't sure whats causing it, there are test that can be ran to find out so we will just wait and see what they propose.
She is doing great now and is a eating wonderfully, so we are now just on consult only!
Cameran wearing her DAFO's she hates them and when we put them on her she acts like her feet are broke. She wouldn't stand up!


Trying to take them off! Poor thing when we go out she has to wear shoes with them making her shoe size jump up from a 5 to a 7-8 it looks so funny and makes it even harder to walk!
Here they are up close, they are really cute. Pink with little lambs! They do make special shoes so where you can get their actual size shoe so we will be ordering those soon.


Tara - Mom to Aidan said...

Just wanted to let you know that Payless makes white hightop walkers in sizes up to 6W (I believe) and when Aidan got his AFO's we only had to go up a 1/2 a size and they only cost $12.99. Might be a good alternative to try first instead of buying the expensive shoes.

Anonymous said...

I did a search and found that melatonin could be causing the incrased breast tissue. I hope it's something simple like that. Good luck with the increase in Vigabatrin.

Erin from the IS Group

JSmith5780 said...

LOVE the picture of Cameran on the swing at sunset...too cute.

Hope the breast tissue is nothing too serious and hope it's not tied to the melatonin. Think my Austin will get 'man boobs'? :)

Let me know how the increased Vigabatrin does for Cameran
Jen mom to Austin