Thursday, July 20, 2006

No change in seizures

So far there has been no changes with Camerans seizures but we are trying not to give up hope just yet. Early last week before starting the new med she was having 5-8 seizures a day and ocassionally have 11-15(depending on her sleep) now her seizures are staying in that number range(11-15) so that would be the only change.
What are the plans now????
Well her Neuro called yesterday to check in on her(he is the best) anyways he had me up her Vigabtrin today double of what she was taking. So now we are at 1000mg a day compared to 500mg. We are going to see her Neuro tomorrow, Friday so they can just go over things with us. We won't be having another EEG until her seizures stop! Which we hope will be soon!!! Today we have seen maybe 1 can't be for sure though it was a weird side ways head drop???

As far as the weaning of Zonegran goes, we are now at 50mg a day and she is doing fine.

Congratulations to Lil' Cam as today she graduated from her OT Feeding Class. Her teacher and I thought she has made great progress the past 3 weeks that they have just moved to her consult only! Whooo Hoo, GO Baby Girl!Oh almost forgot about her blood results. Everything came back fine, so who knows why she likes to hold her breath....for extra attention...Like she doesn't get enough of that already : )

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Kelly said...

Hey Karen!

You know....Michaela was on Topamax at one point, and even though it helped her seizures for awhile, it eventually CAUSED her to have seizures! We didn't know how much until she was completely off of it and the new drug she was being put on took full effect.

Perhaps that's why you're not seeing great results yet.

We hope you do over time!