Friday, June 09, 2006

The Results Are In!

The blood results are in and it shows that she is tolerating all the meds well. The medicines are all showing to be in the LOW range meaning we can go up in doses to see if this helps with the remaining seizures she is having. We are upping the Topamax 1st since it seems to have helped her seizures the most(went 4.5 weeks sf when started the Topamax) we have had feeding issues since starting the Topamax but what Toddler dosen't!! She still takes Feeding OT once a week so maybe we can keep her ahead of the game! On the Topamax we are adding 15 mg at her night time dosage this will put her at 95mg a day. He says we can go to about 100. Her current meds and doses are:
-Topamax -95mg a day- (1- 25mg&15mg in a.m. AND 1-25mg& 2-15mg in p.m.)
-Klonopin- .25mg dissolving tabs 4 pills a day
-Zonegran- 125mg a day- (2-25mg in a.m. and 3- 25mg in p.m.)
-Keppra- 2ml 2x's a day
-Melatonin- 1mg at bedtime for sleep what a lifesaver!!!
Her sleeping was way off waking about every hour at night time I was exhausted. I mentioned this to her Neuro and he told us to give her Melatonin-over the counter, all natural, its something your body already produces, it has really helped out. She has always had seizures in her sleep that would wake her up (in the very 1st months of IS) so he thinks this is still happening. He also thought that this could be a cause to her exsisting few seizures she was having in the day due to the lack of sleep. Although she is sleeping better now she is still having about 3-9 seizures a day. I don't know where I would be without this sleeping med now mommy and little Cam can finally get some much needed rest :)

Check out our little Monkey......

Cameran's new thing is climbing and there is NOTHING she can't get too!!! A few things we have pulled her off are the recliner that you see to the left she just smiles ear to ear when she gets up there, end tables, baskets, couch, kitchen chairs, toilet seat, activity table, brothers little chairs, tricycle seat and the drawer under the stove trying to reach things on top of the stove.....Watch out! She mastered the stairs so it called for a gate now she sticks her hand through there fussing because she can't get to it! She is such a little handful!!!!!

Here's some more photos of her caught in action:

She is one little determined baby girl! She knows what she wants and goes for it, she has no fear! Once she accomplishes her goal of climbing she doesn't know where to go from there and just steps right off the object only to get back up there and do it again! SILLY GIRL ;-0
Did I mention how much I LOVE my BIG BUBBY! You can always catch them hugging and wrestling in the floor its the sweetest. Cameran will follow that boy to the end of the world and back and Caleb would carry her if she got tired, they are best friends! Caleb tells me all day "I love this baby girl, she's my best friend" He is the only one that can really get her to laughing its adorable, they both just melt my heart!!!!

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