Thursday, November 24, 2005

Cameran's Medicines

All the meds have really taken a toll on our baby girl. When she first was started on Zonegran she stayed in a complete Daze. She wouldn't play at all. The Predinsone made her appetite increase and she started gaining weight but once off of it she started to lose as side effects from the others. It is a constant rollercoaster ride on trying to find the one that works for her.
If you want more info on all her meds she is on and side effects, I pull it all off the website below where it lists all meds for Epilepsy and there side effects:
Here is a list of all the Medicines Cameran has tried and ones that she is still on.

Cameran trying so hard to beat the meds"
Medicine Name: Start Date: Dosage:
Topamax 12-20-05- 1/2 of a 25mg pill daily for seven days and up the dosage by another 1/2 weekly until reached full dosage 2 -25mg pills a day
Zonegran 8-19-05 -7mg twice daily
Predinsone 8-17-05 - 5ml once daily (Dosage go down every week)
Zonegran (Upped to) 9-1-05 - 25mg three times daily
Zonegran (Upped Again) 9-17-05 - 50mg twice daily
Keppra 10-6-05 - 1ml twice daily
Keppra (upped) 10-21-05 - 2.25ml twice daily
B-6 10-21-05 - .25ml once daily
Klonopin 11-7-05 -.25mg twice daily
She is still on all these meds except for Predinsone and B-6 these did not work for Cameran.

About the meds and side effects:

*Side Effects of Topamax: Just to name a few Kidney Stones(to be montiored by blood tests),fatigue,drowsiness, difficulty concentrating,loss of appetite and inadequate sweating( to be monitored in hot weather because they tend to not sweat causing temps to rise*
Side effects of Zonegran: Kidney stones and Irritability
*Keppra is a new medicine some side effects are: Loss of strength and energy( not in Cameran's case she is full of energy) and irritabilty
*B-6 is mainly to help out with the irritability and to see if she has a B-6 difficiency(very very rare) but she didn't.
*Klonopin is an older drug and some side effects are: Sedation(being the main thing), Drooling, Hyperactivity, Nausea, Loss of appetite and can be addictive.

All the meds have seemed to work for her in some way. In her monthly reports I will give her reactions to these meds and what they have done for her seizures.

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